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What happens in an Intensive Short –Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) session?

what happens in an intensive short –term dynamic psychotherapy (istdp) session?

This post is by Psychology Melbourne psychologist  Aisha Seedat-TimolI am often inspired in my work by a quote from American psychotherapist Jon Frederickson, founder of the ISTDP Institute, in one of his books, The Lies We Tell Ourselves:"Life is hard, but psychological suffering can be unbearable. To find a way to bear it, we may seek a good therapist. But...

Relationships in lockdown - two wheels spinning?

relationships in lockdown - two wheels spinning?

By Richard Weld-Blundell         “And stand together yet not too near together:                           For the pillars of the temple stand apart,        And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”                     ...

Coping with motherhood in lock-down

coping with motherhood in lock-down

By psychologist Andrea LarkinsBeing a mother or caregiver in these unprecedented times of pandemic presents us with many challenges. Our lives are complicated by uncertainty. From week to week, or even day to day, we are confronted by significant changes which may include instability or lack of employment, the pressures of working from home, isolation from family, friends and community,...

Stress and anxiety in times of adversity

stress and anxiety in times of adversity

By Paula Teggelove(Paula Teggelove's next online short course on Managing Stress and Anxiety begins on August 3)From this Thursday, as Victorians advance further into lockdown conditions, we will all have to wear face masks when we venture from home. It’s important that we don’t try, at the same time, to mask what we are feeling and experiencing as a result of...

Psychological support for diabetes

psychological support for diabetes

By Dr Shikha GrayEvery year, National Diabetes Week is held in July as an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges of living with diabetes. This year, from July 12 to 18, the focus of National Diabetes Week is on mental health. Given the extraordinary circumstances we all find ourselves in, this is an apt, important and timely topic of...

Moving into meditation

moving into meditation

By Dominique MulhaneYou have probably heard of mindfulness. You may have even done some mindfulness techniques with your psychologist. An increasing amount of research has shown the value of meditation techniques and the way it activates areas of the brain associated with self-regulation, focused problem-solving, attention, and internal awareness. It has also been shown to increase motor control and performance.Sometimes,...

Helping men help themselves

helping men help themselves

By Francesco Poci June 12, 2020With Men’s Health Week coming up (July 15-21), I’ve been thinking about some of the widely-held misperceptions about the average male’s attitude to health, and how they might be addressed.There is no doubt that in many countries, including Australia, men have poorer overall health outcomes and shorter life expectancy than women. In this country, for...

Adjusting to the new, new normal

By Natalie-Mai Holmes,

adjusting to the new, new normal

Remember how we used to work in offices, factories, retail stores - all the normal places where we performed our duties in the interests of commerce and industry? Then came the New Normal: social isolation and, if we were lucky enough to keep our jobs, working from home. Now comes the New, New Normal, just when we had adjusted to...

The psychology of absences

the psychology of absences

A couple of months ago, one of my classmates in a U3A course on iPhone photography submitted a shot she had taken as part of a class assignment. It was a brilliant image. The photographer, Sari Best, had captured a typical Melbourne weekend ritual: a group men having breakfast with a side order of animated conversation. They were wearing Lycra,...

On (suddenly) being an online psychologist

Edited by Jill Wright,

on (suddenly) being an online psychologist

In early March, as it became increasingly obvious that COVID-19 was going to make face-to-face contact between our clients and our staff problematic, Psychology Melbourne began an increasingly urgent process of change.It was going to be a dramatic shift. We would have to be prepared to move our booking and reception staff and psychologists out of the world of physical...