Counselling resources

Online resources such as hotlines, mental health organisations, therapeutic websites and phone apps can be great ways to enhance your therapy and access sound information.

Psychology Melbourne supports clients by reviewing these resources and recommending the most reliable ones to you.

Emergency Helplines

emergency helplines

If you are in an emergency or at risk of harm to yourself or others, contact emergency services on 000.

Emergency Contacts

  • Phone from landline: 000
  • Phone from a mobile phone: 112 or 000
  • State Emergency Service: 132 500

Free tests

psychology tests

Online screening tests can be easy and useful methods of understanding strengths and weaknesses and improving therapy.

Video Resources

Psychology Melbourne can help with a range of issues.

Recommended Apps

healthy habits and skills app

Apps can be a fun and useful way to practice and develop healthy habits and skills, such as mindfulness and meditation, to compliment your therapy and aid with treatment.

These platforms should not replace traditional therapy, but can be a useful way to support it. Consult with your doctor or psychologist about what is most suitable and helpful for you.

  • Calm - One of the most popular apps for sleep, meditation and relaxation, Calm provides breathing programs, meditation sessions, music and sounds to help you relax.
  • Smiling Mind - An Australian app and developed by psychologists and educators, Smiling Mind offers a range of programs for children, teens and adults. It focuses on mindfulness, but also has programs related to exercise, the workplace and social interactions.
  • Headspace - Headspace focuses on mindfulness and meditation and delivers a range of themes and topics to aid you reduce stress and improve focus.
  • My Mood Tracker - This app allows you to track your moods and emotions, helping you understand what causes your emotions to change. You can also track your sleep, exercise, medication, menstrual cycles, stress, pain, energy and stimulants to better understand if and how they impact your moods.
  • Way of Life - Way of Life aids with behaviour change, aiming to motivate you to build a better, stronger and healthier.
  • Moodkit - Developed by two clinical psychologists, Moodkit offers more than 200 activities tailored to your goals through the principles of CBT to improve your mood.