Psychology Melbourne's cost-effective counselling, coaching and testing packages help to clarify your issues and save you time and money. 

When you purchase a package our reception will contact you to confirm your booking and appointment time.

adhd assessment package

ADHD Assessment Package

Includes ADHD assessment and report with 3 clinical consultations to assess cognitive functioning including memory, focus, concentration and distractibility.
Cost: $900

adult autism spectrum (asd) assessment package

Adult Autism Spectrum (ASD) Assessment Package

The aim of the assessment is to explore an individuals’ developmental profile 
Cost: $800

adult iq package

Adult IQ Package

Includes a standardised intelligence test & three consultations with a testing psychologist to obtain an accurate profile of intellectual functioning
Cost: $900

anxiety check

Anxiety Check

Are you worried about your Anxiety levels? This Anxiety check is a 15-minute consultation with a psychologist and includes a screening test & recommendations.
Cost: $50

assertiveness check

Assertiveness Check

Do you have trouble being assertive and voicing your opinion? Improve the way you navigate communications with a psychologist today.
Cost: $50

behavioural test

Behavioural Test

Are you concerned about behaviours your child is exhibiting? Includes teacher/parent interviews, observation of child, assessments & recommendations.
Cost: $1035

better sleep

Better Sleep

Learn how to establish new beneficial habits that can facilitate more restful sleep.
Dates: 7pm - 8pm, 17 & 24 March

breaking barriers and smashing goals

Breaking Barriers and Smashing Goals

This course is about setting goals and working consistently with lots of support and feedback to reach your goals. Dates: 7pm - 8:30pm over 10 consecutive Tuesdays starting March 9

building self esteem and confidence

Building Self Esteem and Confidence

Learn how to understand the negative unconscious core beliefs, emotions and behaviors that may be influencing your view of yourself.
Dates: 6pm - 7pm Mar 11, 18, 25

career change package

Career Change Package

Are you feeling the need for change but are lacking in confidence and direction? Our Career Coaching Psychologists can help you.
Cost: $690 + GST

career coaching package (3)

Career Coaching Package (3)

Includes psychometric testing, 3 consultations and a report to assess your interests and personality to achieve a more satisfying career path
Cost: $690 + GST

child iq test

Child IQ Test

Have you ever thought your child might be gifted? Help your child reach their full potential. Packages includes 4 clinical consultations, test and report.
Cost: $1000

comprehensive mental health test

Comprehensive Mental Health Test

Includes a psychological test, 3 clinical consultations and a report to identify psychological issues and develop a treatment plan.
Cost: $700

eap package (3)

EAP Package (3)

Give your employees a prepaid package at a discounted price. Includes 3 counselling consultations to improve employee wellbeing.
Cost: $540 + GST

eap package (5)

EAP Package (5)

Give your employees a prepaid package at a discounted price. Includes 5 counselling consultations to improve employee wellbeing.
Cost: $850 + GST

life coaching

Life Coaching

Psychology Melbourne offers life coaching by experienced registered psychologists to help you find direction, fulfilment and life enjoyment.
Cost: $690 + GST

managing staff in challenging times

Managing Staff in Challenging Times

Learn effective tools and strategies to assist with complex and often distressing situations in your workplace.
Cost: $550 + GST

managing stress and anxiety

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Times of particular adversity or hardship require more than out normal coping skills for stress and anxiety.
Dates: TBA

matching session gift voucher

Matching Session Gift Voucher

Give someone special a gift: a therapy gift card for a Psychologist Matching Session.
Value: $95

memory loss test

Memory Loss Test

Worried that your memory is not as good as it once was? This package includes 3 clinical consultations, a psychological test and interpretive report.
Cost: $700

mental health check

Mental Health Check

Are you concerned about the state of your mental health? This check includes a screening test, 15 minute phone consultation and written recommendations.
Cost: $50

mental health check gift voucher

Mental Health Check Gift Voucher

Give someone special a gift: a gift card for a Psychology Melbourne Mental Health Check.
Value: $50

mental toughness: online corporate workshop

Mental Toughness: Online Corporate Workshop

This workshop will train your employees or managers in how to push past failures and persevere through adversity.
Cost: $550 + GST

mindfulness - from limbic to loving

Mindfulness - From Limbic to Loving

This 3-part experiential course offers the opportunity to learn and practise mindfulness skills to enhance emotional wellbeing.
Dates: TBA

personality test package

Personality Test Package

This package identifies a range of personality disorders that might be affecting your cognitive and emotional states, motivations, attitudes, and relationships
Cost: $600

relationship health check

Relationship Health Check

Check on the health of your relationship and how it rates on the various areas that contribute to a fulfilling and satisfying marriage or relationship.
Cost: $50

remote control for managers: online corporate workshop

Remote Control for Managers: Online Corporate Workshop

Managers' skills and resilience in the new work environment are essential to the maintenance of good performance.
Cost: $550 + GST

self-esteem check

Self-Esteem Check

Check in on your self-esteem and take the first steps to improve your self confidence, includes screening test, phone consult and written recommendations
Cost: $50

short course gift voucher

Short Course Gift Voucher

Give someone special a gift: a gift card for a Psychology Melbourne Short Course.
Value: $190

substance abuse check

Substance Abuse Check

Are you concerned with your substance abuse or self medicating? Includes a test, phone consultation and written recommendations to get a clearer picture.
Cost: $50

the covid-19 affect: online corporate workshop

The Covid-19 Affect: Online Corporate Workshop

The pandemic has radically changed the way we live. Learn how to maintain or regain a sense of wellbeing.
Cost: $550 + GST

transitioning back into the workplace: online corporate workshop

Transitioning Back into the Workplace: Online Corporate Workshop

This workshop aims to assist management in identifying the key aspects of supporting employees' psychological wellbeing.
Cost: $550 + GST

understanding and sustaining better relationships

Understanding and Sustaining Better Relationships

Learn how to understand more about yourself as a partner and how to enhance the quality of your relationships. A 6-session course.
Dates: 7pm - 8:30pm, Mar 22, 29, Apr 5, 12, 19, 26