Psychology Melbourne's cost-effective counselling, coaching and testing packages help to clarify your issues and save you time and money. 

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abcs of mental health

ABCs of Mental Health

Essential mental health awareness training for employees in all professional settings.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

adhd assessment package

ADHD Assessment Package

Includes ADHD assessment and report with 3 clinical consultations to assess cognitive functioning including memory, focus, concentration and distractibility.
Cost: $1100

adhd screener

ADHD Screener

The ADHD Screener helps identify ADHD symptoms early, when they may be easier to treat. 10% reduction if full ADHD test required. 
Cost: $130

adult autism spectrum (asd) assessment package

Adult Autism Spectrum (ASD) Assessment Package

The aim of the assessment is to explore an individual's developmental profile.
Cost: $1300

adult iq package

Adult IQ Package

Includes a standardised intelligence test & three consultations with a testing psychologist to obtain an accurate profile of intellectual functioning
Cost: $1200

anger management

Anger Management

Learn ways you can control your anger before it ends up controlling you. 3 sessions.
Dates: Wednesdays, 7pm - 8:30pm,
3, 10 & 17 August 2022

anxiety check

Anxiety Check

Are you worried about your Anxiety levels? This Anxiety check is a 15-minute consultation with a psychologist and includes a screening test & recommendations.
Cost: $60

asd screener

ASD Screener

The ASD Screener helps identify ASD symptoms early, when they may be easier to treat. 10% reduction if full ASD test required.  
Cost: $150

assertiveness check

Assertiveness Check

Do you have trouble being assertive and voicing your opinion? Improve the way you navigate communications with a psychologist today.
Cost: $60

avoiding burnout

Avoiding Burnout

Gain an understanding about burnout and learn skills to avoid it and manage it.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

better mental health workshop

Better Mental Health Workshop

An inspiring intro to the topic of mental health & the effective ways to maintain good mental health & deal with stress & challenges.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

brain function assessment

Brain Function Assessment

Worried that you, or someone you love, are showing signs of decline in memory, reasoning, or other thinking skills? This 3-session package can help identify early signs of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Cost: $800

building good connections

Building Good Connections

Learn the most effective ways to maintain positive professional relationships and manage interpersonal conflict and disagreements.
Cost: $550 +GST for 1hr workshop

building resilience

Building Resilience

Learn simple and effective tactics that will help you build your resilience. 3 sessions.

career coaching package

Career Coaching Package

Includes psychometric testing, 3 consultations and a report to assess your interests and personality to achieve a more satisfying career path
Cost: $850 + GST

child adhd assessment

Child ADHD Assessment

The assessment explores a child’s behaviour and developmental history over 4 hours of interviews with the child, parents and other professionals.
Cost: $1300

child autism spectrum (asd) assessment package

Child Autism Spectrum (ASD) Assessment Package

The aim of the assessment is to explore a child’s developmental profile.
Cost: $1550

child iq test

Child IQ Test

Have you ever thought your child might be gifted? Help your child reach their full potential. Packages includes 4 clinical consultations, test and report.
Cost: $1550

comprehensive mental health test

Comprehensive Mental Health Test

Includes a psychological test, 2 clinical consultations and a report to identify psychological issues and develop a treatment plan.
Cost: $925

coping better with anxiety

Coping Better with Anxiety

Help while you’re waiting for counselling - Learn to manage your anxiety. 3 sessions.

coping with stress: building resilience

Coping with Stress: Building Resilience

Learn strategies and coping techniques to regain control over your life to better manage stress & anxiety.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

customise your own workshop

Customise Your Own Workshop

Select your topic, tell us your end goal. We plan and deliver. Workshops run for: 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours.

effective communication: be assertive, be heard & resolve conflict

Effective Communication: Be assertive, be heard & resolve conflict

Everyone experiences conflict but not everyone has the skills to resolve it effectively. This workshop will help get you there.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

emerging middle managers coaching package

Emerging Middle Managers Coaching Package

Specialised coaching to help executives who are struggling to learn how to best manage themselves and engage others.
Cost: $950 + GST

life coaching

Life Coaching

Psychology Melbourne offers life coaching by experienced registered psychologists to help you find direction, fulfilment and life enjoyment.
Cost: $750 + GST

managing and developing team wellbeing

Managing and Developing Team Wellbeing

This workplace program explores strategies to develop positive workplace culture & interactive wellbeing conversations.
Cost: $1020 +GST

managing stress and anxiety

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Times of particular adversity or hardship require more than out normal coping skills for stress and anxiety.
Dates: TBA

managing working from home

Managing Working from Home

Explore the implications of working from home and ways to support mental health, work productivity and overall wellbeing
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

matching session gift voucher

Matching Session Gift Voucher

Give someone special a gift: a therapy gift card for a Psychologist Matching Session.
Value: $170

mental health check

Mental Health Check

Are you concerned about the state of your mental health? This check includes a screening test, 15 minute phone consultation and written recommendations.
Cost: $60

mindful communication skills

Mindful Communication Skills

This workshop explores mindful communication, including mindful listening & speaking, to enhance relationship satisfaction and overall wellbeing.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

performance anxiety and public speaking

Performance Anxiety and Public Speaking

Learn skills to build more confidence and alleviate performance anxiety and public speaking anxiety.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

relationship health check

Relationship Health Check

Check on the health of your relationship and how it rates on the various areas that contribute to a fulfilling and satisfying marriage or relationship.
Cost: $60

self-esteem check

Self-Esteem Check

Check in on your self-esteem and take the first steps to improve your self confidence, includes screening test, phone consult and written recommendations
Cost: $60

short course gift voucher

Short Course Gift Voucher

Give someone special a gift: a gift card for a Psychology Melbourne Short Course.
Value: $190

substance abuse check

Substance Abuse Check

Are you concerned with your substance abuse or self medicating? Includes a test, phone consultation and written recommendations to get a clearer picture.
Cost: $60

team members coaching package

Team Members Coaching Package

Professional coaching to help your team members gain greater self-awareness and improve problem-solving & individual performance.
Cost: $750 + GST

the covid revolution

The COVID Revolution

This course is for managers and employers to learn skills to keep their employees engaged and supported while working from home.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

the high-performance mindset

The High-Performance Mindset

Gain insights into the elite athlete mindset, overcoming adversity, navigating change & embracing the journey along the way.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

the psychological effects of covid-19

The Psychological Effects of COVID-19

Learn skills to enhance mental wellness to offset the psychological effects of the pandemic.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

thriving for high performance

Thriving for High Performance

Learn how to develop awareness to generate thinking about the goals and values that matter to you, and what you want your life to be about.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

thriving with challenges and change

Thriving with Challenges and Change

This workshop will explore ways to transcend challenges and uncertainty to maintain our individual and team wellbeing.
Cost: $1020 +GST

wellbeing check gift voucher

Wellbeing Check Gift Voucher

Give someone special a gift: a gift card for a Psychology Melbourne Wellbeing Check.
Value: $60

wellbeing strategies for challenging times

Wellbeing Strategies for Challenging Times

This workshop is designed to provide practical strategies to deal with current stresses and challenges.
Cost: $1020 +GST

working with the adhd employee package

Working with the ADHD Employee Package

Learn how to structure the workplace to bring out the best of the abilities of ADHD employees.
Cost: $600 + GST

personality test package

Personality Test Package

This package will help you find out more about who you are and what your strengths are, and will help you make better choices in all areas of your life.
Cost: $550