How Psychology Melbourne will work for you

At Psychology Melbourne, we take care to maximise our clients’ progress in their therapy. We have designed and introduced several unique clinical interventions to ensure your treatment is successful.

1. Our Matching Sessions

At Psychology Melbourne, we do not simply assign clients to the first available psychologist. Instead we maximise the chance of a good therapeutic match through our initial matching session and our self-matching app on our website.

Therapy is an intimate experience and research shows repeatedly that if that a good therapeutic relationship is the single most important factor in successful therapy.

International studies suggest that too many clients drop out of therapy before their goals are met, largely because early difficulties are not identified and addressed. Our psychologists constantly monitor that relationship and act immediately to address any problems. We have developed additional training in this essential area of practice beyond psychologists’ usual university studies.

2. Our Treatment Plans

At Psychology Melbourne we offer four unique Treatment Plans for working clients to support their progress and avoid disruptions. These ensure that you will have regular, consistent treatment sessions at a time when the pandemic has severely stretched the capacity of the mental health system and forced many clients to wait weeks between sessions.

Working clients are those clients who are committed to a treatment plan and working towards pre-planned goals. They attend regular weekly or fortnightly sessions for a certain period of time. Achieving outcomes in therapy, like any other endeavour, requires commitment and perseverance. For example, you cant get fit if you only go to the gym occasionally.

We prioritise working clients above all others. We no longer offer the ability for clients to make casual appointments online that may disrupt treatment plans.

This allows our psychologists to design detailed treatment plans tailored to your particular situation, so they can monitor your progress towards goals outlined and agreed upon during a client’s first session.

When you commence a Treatment Plan with us you will be guaranteed a place in our diary and receive a fixed number of reserved appointments to support each stage of your treatment. Each Treatment Plan also corresponds to the stages of the GP Mental Health Care Plans, which currently provide Medicare rebates over 20 sessions.

Research show therapy works best if treatment is regular, reliable and consistent, so we manage our diary closely, to ensure regular appointments are available for you.

How Treatment Plans Work

  1. First Treatment Plan- 6 appointments (3 weekly & 3 fortnightly)
  2. Second Treatment Plan- 4 fortnightly appointments
  3. Third Treatment Plan - 5 fortnightly appointments
  4. Fourth Treatment Plan - 5 fortnightly appointments

Our Treatment Plans are stand-alone plans but also follow the GP’s Mental Health Care Plans.

3. Behaviour-Change Groups (currently online)

At Psychology Melbourne we also provide short courses and behaviour-change groups that provide you with assistance while waiting for one-on-one counselling – or after individual therapy to help you transition back into life.

These can also be a good substitute for one-on-one counselling if you have a particular issue you want to work on. For example, many clients learn how to communicate better with partners, family or friends or reach personal goals such as getting a new job, losing weight or getting healthier.

Our behaviour-change groups impart essential skills that can, in many cases, dissolve life-time obstacles. The group itself provides an essential motivation that assists people make the changes they might have sought for years.

Our behaviour change groups are ;run by experienced presenters and registered psychologists. Because they are about behaviour change, rather than therapy, participants are not required to analyse their past or disclose personal information.

They are cost-effective and can be participated in alongside regular therapy as they don’t affect Medicare rebates.

4. Support Sessions

At Psychology Melbourne we provide support sessions on an ad hoc basis for clients who have completed individual therapy and want to check in with their psychologist occasionally.

To avoid disruption to our treatment plans, support sessions (ad hoc appointments) have to be managed carefully. When you request a support session on a certain date, you will be added to our wait list and notified immediately when an appointment becomes available.

Alternatively, you can call on the day to see if an appointment might have come free.

Quality Assurance

At Psychology Melbourne we monitor progress through customer surveys to identify and address any issues that might arise. We follow up by regularly tracking satisfaction, moving quickly to resolve any problems.

The fact that our clients report a consistently high level of satisfaction with their treatment indicates that our approach works.

For further information or to make an appointment, email or phone our friendly client services department on 03 9629 1001.