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Medicare, Private Health, WorkCover & TAC Rebates now available for online counselling

Psychology Melbourne provides more than just one-on-one counselling. The team of 30+ psychologists offer counselling for mental health issues; relationship, marriage and family issues and workplace issues. We also offer Psychological Testing, Short Courses, and Coaching.

We recommend that your first step is a Personal Matching Session with one of our trained psychologists.

Are you still unsure if you're ready to start your counselling journey? Take our free change assessment to discover the best option for you!

Personal Matching

best psychologist melbourne

The match between client and counsellor governs outcomes. Too often overlooked, Psychology Melbourne offers a service that boosts the likelihood of a good pairing and better, faster outcomes. Learn more about personal matching.

Adult Counselling

adult counselling

Our counselling service covers a wide range of mental health issues. We offer face-to-face sessions or phone and video sessions for busy people who can't get into the clinic. Learn more about our counselling services.

Relationship & Marriage Counselling

marriage counselling

Our highly experienced and professional team of couples counsellors are able to help you explore and enhance your relationships in a safe environment. Learn more about how you can benefit from marriage counselling.

Workplace Counselling

workplace counselling

Our team of expert workplace psychologists deal with a variety of issues that can impact psychological well-being and mental health, as well as affect both work and personal life. Learn more about our Workplace Counselling.

Family Counselling

family counselling

Our highly experienced psychologists work with a range of difficult family issues, including intergenerational trauma, family conflict and breakdowns, parenting and cultural differences. Learn more about our family counselling.

Adolescent Counselling

adolescent counselling

Our team understands the stressful and often confusing nature of adolescence, and can provide effective support for young people and assistance and training for parents. Learn more about our adolescent counselling.

Testing, Assessment & Reporting

psychology tests

Psychological testing for mental health issues for all ages. Mental health checks, screening tests, assessments and court report writing. Learn more about testing, assessment and reporting, or view our testing packages.

Short Courses

psychology courses

Our personal development courses are efficient, cost-effective ways to gain insights, learn skills and helpful strategies for enhancing your mental health and well-being. Learn more about our short courses.

Life Coaching

life coaching

Life coaching can result in greater feelings of clarity, a sense of accomplishment, fulfilment, motivation, control, and achievement of goals. Coaching differs from counselling in that is not about mental health problems but about enhancing your life. Learn more about life coaching.

Career Coaching

career coaching package

Career coaching can help you reach your potential. Our coaches can help you identify possible road blocks to change, and work with you to put in place strategies that will enable you to move towards your goals. Learn more about career coaching.

EAP Services

employee assistance program

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides employer-funded, confidential, short-term professional help for employees and sometimes their families confronted with personal issues. Learn more about our Employee Assistance Program.

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