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Psychology Melbourne takes care to maximise your progress in therapy to ensure your treatment is successful.

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EAP is a confidential counselling-based intervention program for employees at all levels of an organisation.

Counselling Services of Psychology Melbourne

Why Our Clients Choose Psychology Melbourne

Our Counselling Specialists Can Help You

  • Carefully selected therapists with specialist expertise

    Our team includes Clinical, Counselling and Health Psychologists and highly experienced General Psychologists with particular areas of expertise in anxiety and depression, relationship counselling, anger management, grief counselling, eating disorders, family and adolescent counselling, sexual health and other health-related problems.

    We have developed our own marriage counselling program that has achieved consistent success with couples who had previously found it impossible to mend their relationship and were on the verge of giving up hope. We also have a small, highly experienced team of executive coaches.

    We use CBT, Mindfulness Therapy, Positive Psychology, Psychodynamic Therapy, Acceptance Therapy and other approaches that are evidence based to produce the best results. They can literally change the brain, clearing away old patterns of behaviour.

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  • What you get with Psychology Melbourne

    • Immediate appointments including weekend and evening sessions at our practices in the Melbourne CBD and 17other locations across Melbourne,
    • All our psychologists are registered so you can claim a Medicare rebate of up to 50 per cent of your fees, with a GP's referral,
    • Individual, couple and family consultations and a specialised couples counselling program for couples who feel stuck and unable to improve their relationships, and
    • Psychological assessments and Personal Development Courses are available with a Medicare rebate of up to 50 per cent of fee, with a GP referral.

    Phone (03) 9629 1001 for an initial consultation or email our friendly receptionists.

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  • Medicare rebates

    You can recover up to 50% of the cost of our counselling through either a Medicare rebate or private health insurance. We can explain how to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, a psychiatrist or a paediatrician.

    The number of counselling sessions eligible people can receive through Medicare is 10 individual sessions per calendar year. Your referring doctor will assess your progress after the first six sessions.

    The Mental Health Plan includes up to 10 group sessions in a calendar year. Psychology Melbourne offers a program of cost-effective personal development courses which will give you valuable psychological tools and skills.

    To get a referral you will need to make an appointment with your GP to complete a Mental Health Care Plan. It is important to tell the doctor's receptionist that you are requesting a referral to a psychologist as the GP needs approximately 30 minutes to discuss the plan with you and fill in the required paperwork.

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