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Psychological testing can provide invaluable insights and assistance for managing serious problem behaviors, identifying underlying issues, and aiding diagnosis and treatment.

Psychologists are trained to take the information gathered from psychological assessment and weave it into a comprehensive and complete picture of the person being tested. However, it’s important to remember that tests are only one element of a psychological assessment.

All tests are administered, scored, and interpreted by trained psychologists. They can be done face-to-face or online to save your valuable time.

How do they work?

Psychology Melbourne offers cost-effective psychological testing and assessment packages that include:

You will start with one or more psychological tests that will be administered either face-to-face or online, depending on the type of test. This is followed by three 50-minute clinical consultations with an experienced psychologist during which you may be asked various questions about your family background and educational history.

At the end of your clinical consultations, you will receive a written report, including your test results and recommendations for a way forward.

Our registered psychologists will discuss the concerns you may be having under strict confidentiality and provide practical tools and techniques to help you move forward.

For some tests, medical screening and assessment through your GP or Psychiatrist may also be required for further diagnostic data.

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What sort of test packages do we offer?

Our current test packages include:

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What do psychological tests tell you?

Some people find the idea of psychological tests daunting. Others can’t wait to start the process. The fact is that these tests are a painless, fascinating way of uncovering all sorts of things: hidden talents, personality characteristics, IQ, learning problems, early indications of mental impairment such as autism, ADHD, and memory loss among many other things.

For the individual, they can open the door to understanding your personal strengths and challenges, provide clues that can vastly improve relationships with others or set someone on an exciting new career.

For the psychologist, they are an invaluable tool for identifying potential problems and areas that might need attention or strengthening or providing insights that can dramatically enhance the progress of therapy.

Psychological tests are developed through a rigorous process of scientific validation to provide a highly accurate assessment of cognitive and emotional functioning of children and adults.

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Mini Mental Health Checks?

Psychology Melbourne’s Mini Mental Health Checks offer an important first step to identifying mental health issues and avoiding more serious problems. They offer a brief and cost-effective way for you to check the current state of your mental health in key areas of your life.

Our Mini Mental Health Checks give you a snapshot assessment of the key areas that you may be struggling with, including Mental Health, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Assertiveness and Substance Abuse.

Each Check includes:

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