Wellbeing Checks & Workshops

Wellbeing Mental Health Checks

Psychology Melbourne’s Wellbeing Checks are a brief and cost-effective way for people to check the current state of their mental health in key areas of their lives. They offer an important first step to identifying issues and avoiding more serious problems.

anxiety check

Anxiety Check

Are you worried about your Anxiety levels? This Anxiety check is a 15-minute consultation with a psychologist and includes a screening test & recommendations.
Cost: $60

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assertiveness check

Assertiveness Check

Do you have trouble being assertive and voicing your opinion? Improve the way you navigate communications with a psychologist today.
Cost: $60

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conflict style check

Conflict Style Check

Your Conflict Style Check will give you an insight in how you currently handle conflict and how to improve your conflict styles to minimise conflict in your life.
Cost: $60

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mental health check

Mental Health Check

Are you concerned about the state of your mental health? This check includes a screening test, 15 minute phone consultation and written recommendations.
Cost: $110

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relationship health check

Relationship Health Check

Check on the health of your relationship and how it rates on the various areas that contribute to a fulfilling and satisfying marriage or relationship.
Cost: $60

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self-esteem check

Self-Esteem Check

Check in on your self-esteem and take the first steps to improve your self confidence, includes screening test, phone consult and written recommendations
Cost: $60

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substance abuse check

Substance Abuse Check

Are you concerned with your substance abuse or self medicating? Includes a test, phone consultation and written recommendations to get a clearer picture.
Cost: $60

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Wellbeing Workshops

Psychology Melbourne's cost-effective online wellbeing workshops for business help improve your team’s productivity, capability and wellbeing across a range of areas.

These wellbeing workshops can be presented online at a convenient time for your managers or employees. Workshops can be tailored to 45 minutes, 2 hours, or over 6 X 1-hour sessions, depending on the topic and/or presenter you are interested in.

When you purchase one of our workshops, we will call you back to confirm arrangements.

customise your own workshop

Customise Your Own Workshop

Select your topic, tell us your end goal. We plan and deliver. Workshops run for: 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours.

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retrain your brain masterclass

Retrain your Brain Masterclass

In this 2-hour masterclass you will learn and understand the evidence-based techniques to retrain your brain to think in optimistic ways and build healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

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better mental health

Better Mental Health

An inspiring intro to the topic of mental health & the effective ways to maintain good mental health & deal with stress & challenges.

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most popular
coping with stress: building resilience

Coping with Stress: Building Resilience

Learn strategies and coping techniques to regain control over your life to better manage stress & anxiety.

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effective communication: be assertive, be heard & resolve conflict

Effective Communication: Be assertive, be heard & resolve conflict

Everyone experiences conflict but not everyone has the skills to resolve it effectively. This workshop will help get you there.

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managing a hybrid team

Managing a Hybrid Team

This workshop gives leaders the latest research findings into remote working, building high quality connections and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other leaders.

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managing and developing team wellbeing

Managing and Developing Team Wellbeing

This workplace program explores strategies to develop positive workplace culture & interactive wellbeing conversations.

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