Emotional Resilience During Difficult Times


Emotional Resilience During Difficult Times
short course

Dates: TBA
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: online
Cost: $180 (for 3 sessions)

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emotional resilience during difficult times

Emotional Resilience During Difficult Times - short course

Presented by: Psychologist Orly Miller

Falling on difficult times can be emotionally destabilising and highly distressing. It is so important that we learn functional coping strategies for dealing with the difficult emotions that can accompany taxing life events.

Much of our psychological distress is exacerbated by our attempts to avoid unpleasant emotions by way of dysfunctional coping mechanisms such as substance abuse, comfort eating, numbing via technology, social media etc. A key to becoming free from such toxic behaviours is learning to be with our difficult emotions and allowing them to pass through us rather than trying to repress and avoid them. In these uncertain times, it is crucial for our wellbeing that we learn emotional processing skills.

This 3 part workshop will focus on bringing awareness to the process of mindful emotional experiencing and you will learn: