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Social Anxiety

Edited by Jill Wright,

social anxiety

Social anxiety is the third largest mental health problem and most common anxiety disorder worldwide today. Sufferers are characterised by irrational fears of social situations, being negatively judged and evaluated by other people, provoking feelings of embarrassment, inadequacy and insecurity. Often perceived by outsiders as simply being shy, awkward or a bit different, for those experiencing it, feelings of distress...

Ways of talking to yourself

Edited by Jill Wright,

Just in case you're worried about the fact that from time to time you find yourself engaged in conversation ... with yourself ... it's not a sign that you should seek professional help.

As a recent article in the New York Times points out, talking to yourself - what the professionals call "external self talk" - isn't eccentric. It's...

Anxiety and School

By Daniel Quin,

anxiety and school

School has numerous social and academic challenges. A child who experiences anxiety may struggle to embrace these challenges and make the most of school opportunities.

Recent Australian research found that 7% of children have experienced an anxiety disorder in a 12-month period. The rates for boys and girls were similar.

What does Anxiety look like?


Two great free apps to help you cope with anxiety

Edited by Jill Wright,

two great free apps to help you cope with anxiety

Did you know that anxiety disorders affect 1 in 7 people in Australia each year? At Psychology Melbourne, we've been able to help a lot of people escape from anxiety, and the prison that it can so often represent.

Some of the signs of anxiety include constant worrying, being unable to relax and having difficulties sleeping...