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Q&A: Marriage Counselling After Kids

Edited by Jill Wright,

q&a: marriage counselling after kids

Sian and Hugo* sought counselling because they were on the edge of giving up on their marriage. They had just become parents to twin boys and felt they were losing their relationship. *Names changed for confidentiality  Having a child places stress on any relationship, but Hugo and Sian have had a double dose with twins. Research shows that after a...

Dutiful spouses: best for marriage and careers

Edited by Jill Wright,

It's not the sort of journal to which one would normally turn for marital advice, but the latest version of the Harvard Business Review has an important message for its readers: if you want success, marry a conscientious spouse. The article is based on psychologists' study of data collected on thousands of Australian households to analyse the effects on people's...

Expectations a threat to marriage?

Edited by Jill Wright,

expectations a threat to marriage?

Having spent a couple of decades as a marriage and relationships counsellor - and possibly more to the point, many more years than that in a successful marriage - I am continually bemused by mass media snapshots of the latest trends and theories in the field. The Guardian, for instance, recently assured its readers that high divorce rates and low...