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Prevent burn-out ... do nothing

Edited by Jill Wright,

prevent burn-out ... do nothing

I am becoming ever more fond of the New York Times' Smarter Living section, which bills itself as offering "stories that help you understand the world - and make the most of it".Recently, for instance, its contribution to increasing its readers' understanding of the world extended to an article advocating doing nothing. A couple of years ago, it recommended an even...

Finding Work Life Balance

Edited by Jill Wright,

finding work life balance

If success means keeping your head above water in all aspects of daily life, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. Left to juggle the demands of work, family, social life, personal life, exercise, one’s Facebook profile etc., all while perhaps studying or having a second job, many of us struggle. It might not be easy, but it is possible to keep...

EAP in the 21st Century

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eap in the 21st century

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are well recognised services that assist employees and employers manage psychological difficulties that affect work, but may be social, familial or work related.  Taking a holistic psycho-social view of employees is an important step to happier and healthier workplaces.  EAPs are work base early intervention approaches aimed at preventing or early intervention and identifying and resolving...

Lifetime career development

lifetime career development

Many people who take paths leading to careers end up somewhere else, though often not unhappily so. Some get a qualification – for teaching, lawyering, engineering and dozens of others – only to practise for a year or three and leave for pastures they had never realised were quite so green before their initial career choice. Others find pastures they...

What have we learnt this year?

Edited by Jill Wright,

As another busy year winds to a close - is it really just a few weeks to Christmas? - we often question what the New Year might bring for us, personally and at work. If you're in business, it's a good time to turn your thoughts to how you could improve on things next year. What could we do to...

Eight tips for improving your business in 2016

Edited by Jill Wright,

The start of a new year is a great time to review your business plan and refine your objectives and goals. Psychology Melbourne Corporate Psychologist Gavin Sharp has some great ideas that will help you get off on the right foot in 2016: Managing a successful business is usually about being able to manage people effectively, from recruiting the right...

Managers also suffer workplace bullying

Edited by Jill Wright,

Last week Business Insider picked up on a study by US-based jobs site CareerBuilder which showed that managers were just as, if not more likely to suffer workplace bullying as other employees. The most common source of the bullying, according to the survey, was the boss, or someone higher up in the organisation, although in 46 per cent of cases,...

Working harder on leisure

Edited by Jill Wright,

We all know how stressful work is these days. Everyone talks about the insane demands of unreasonable bosses, out-of-control email inboxes and the impossibility of achieving a healthy work-life balance. So how do we reconcile that with a recent Pennsylvania State University study that measured cortisol levels (a principal marker for stress) in 122 men and women and found that...

The right way to fire ... and to be fired

Edited by Jill Wright,

The roll call of big companies departing Victoria steadily increases. We don't yet know how many of the 5000 employees to be dismissed from Qantas will come from this State. But as the eddies begin to engulf smaller companies that supply them, hundreds of employees have already had a final, devastating meeting with the manager or HR department, or are...

Assessing your stress

Edited by Jill Wright,

Just how stressed are you? The BBC has come up with an online stress test, compiled by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, to mark the UK's National Stress Awareness Day which happened to fall on November 6.  If you suffer from stress - and according to research by AXA Insurance the incidence has doubled in four years - every...

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