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EAP in the 21st Century

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eap in the 21st century

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are well recognised services that assist employees and employers manage psychological difficulties that affect work, but may be social, familial or work related.  Taking a holistic psycho-social view of employees is an important step to happier and healthier workplaces.  EAPs are work base early intervention approaches aimed at preventing or early intervention and identifying and resolving both work and personal problems and challenges that may adversely affect work performance.  

Psychology Melbourne provides EAP services to small and medium size organisation.  We like to understand your business or function.  This helps us help you and your staff and employees.  We provide confidential and timely counselling (only psychologists deliver these services with us), often relating to personal health, marital / relationship, family, financial, substance abuse and emotional concerns.

Research from many countries, including Australia, indicates the benefits of an effective EAP program include: increased performance and productivity; reduced absenteeism, conflict and occupational stress; improved staff morale, retention and recruitment; and reduced work’s compensation claims and other costs.

Psychology Melbourne is a member of the Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australia (EAPAA).  We aim to provide effective and positive assistance for employers and their employees that access our corporate services.