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Adjusting to the new, new normal

By Natalie-Mai Holmes,

adjusting to the new, new normal

Remember how we used to work in offices, factories, retail stores - all the normal places where we performed our duties in the interests of commerce and industry? Then came the New Normal: social isolation and, if we were lucky enough to keep our jobs, working from home. Now comes the New, New Normal, just when we had adjusted to...

The psychology of absences

the psychology of absences

A couple of months ago, one of my classmates in a U3A course on iPhone photography submitted a shot she had taken as part of a class assignment. It was a brilliant image. The photographer, Sari Best, had captured a typical Melbourne weekend ritual: a group men having breakfast with a side order of animated conversation. They were wearing Lycra,...

On (suddenly) being an online psychologist

Edited by Jill Wright,

on (suddenly) being an online psychologist

In early March, as it became increasingly obvious that COVID-19 was going to make face-to-face contact between our clients and our staff problematic, Psychology Melbourne began an increasingly urgent process of change.It was going to be a dramatic shift. We would have to be prepared to move our booking and reception staff and psychologists out of the world of physical...

Anxiety, Coronavirus and solutions

Edited by Jill Wright,

anxiety, coronavirus and solutions

Increasing fears about the spread of Coronavirus (or COVID-19 as it's now designated), can have a dual effect.  As I discovered this morning, when I went to the local pharmacy to pick up a prescription, in some cases it causes significant anxiety that manifests in different ways. One effect was evident from a casual inspection of the pharmacy shelves: hand...