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Anxiety and School

By Daniel Quin,

anxiety and school

School has numerous social and academic challenges. A child who experiences anxiety may struggle to embrace these challenges and make the most of school opportunities.

Recent Australian research found that 7% of children have experienced an anxiety disorder in a 12-month period. The rates for boys and girls were similar.

What does Anxiety look like?

Excessive worries

School refusal

Decline in academic performance

Afraid to try new things Tired

Problems forming relationships


Physical complaints

Strong attachment to physical objects

Disrupted sleep and eating

Nervous habits

Overly sensitive to criticism

Appearing on edge


Dwelling on negatives

Difficulty concentrating

Clinginess or shy

Easily frustrated

Psychology Melbourne

Our primary school children and adolescent psychologists can help pinpoint the type and severity of the anxiety. The psychologist will then use a combination of play therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy to reduce avoidance and use more effective coping skills such as relaxation and learning how to use positive self-talk. Crucially, the psychologist will assist to develop skills that can be applied at school.

The psychologists at Psychology Melbourne can assist with disability funding applications for students who would benefit from school programs for students.


About the author, Daniel Quin

Dr. Daniel Quinn is a registered psychologist with a doctorate in educational psychology. Daniel is also a parent and a registered teacher and uses these perspectives to develop rapport and collaborative relationships with his clients.