Child Autism Assessment


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The aim of the Child Autism assessment is to explore an individual's developmental profile and determine whether they meet diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Young children who are diagnosed with autism are able to access the types of services that can significantly improve their everyday functioning and developmental pathway. Older children can also benefit as they can gain valuable information to strengthen their self-awareness and identity and access services to support their social-emotional wellbeing and coping skills and maximise their strengths.

The test process carefully assesses your child in the following areas:

The diagnostic test includes:

How long does the test take?

The assessment package includes at least 3 hours of consultations with the child and parents.

Can I get a rebate on the cost of the assessment?

Children under 13 who are referred for diagnostic assessment by a paediatrician or child psychiatrist are eligible for a partial rebate through Medicare under the Helping Children with Autism Package (approx. $340.00 in total).

People with private health insurance may be eligible for a rebate from their provider and should contact them for further details.


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