• Depression
  • Anxiety - panic, OCD, social phobia
  • Self-harm and suicidal thinking/action
  • Chronic trauma - multi-generationa, multi-cultural, family violence, school and workplace bullying
  • Life directions - vocational preferences and dreams and planning
  • Organisational dynamics - teams, performance management, executive coaching and leadership
  • Couples as affected by all of the above
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  • BA Hons Philosophy (1965 Williams)
  • MA Teaching (1966 Yale)
  • MA Philosophy (1971 Yale)
  • Grad Dip Organisation Development (1986 RMIT)
  • Psychology major (1986 -89 Swinburne) 
  • Grad Dip Counselling (1991 RMIT)

torrey orton melbourne psychologist

Torrey Orton

Generalist Psychologist


I seek to help clients control their fears and dysfunctional behaviours; increase their appreciation of the actual skills, attitudes and values which have sustained them in coping with the circumstances which affect them and to develop new behaviour and thinking which allows them to repel and pre-empt fears when possible and/or recognise when this is not possible. I think of this as getting your power back.

I have been in private practice since 1993 and has worked in line and staff roles in government, education, banking and public utilities in Australia, China, France and the US since 1966. Three of these engagements have been start-ups of digital applications in medical and sports fields. This professional and personal experience informs my approach to therapy with a variety of human development perspectives and contexts.