Our Melbourne Counselling Psychologists

Psychology Melbourne’s team of over 35 psychologists are mostly located in our Melbourne CBD clinic, at 50 Queen Street near the corner of Collins Street. The rest are based in surrounding Melbourne suburbs, with many of our psychologists working in more than one location.

To arrange an appointment with any of our psychologists please call our reception on 03 9629 1001, by email or you can book directly online for appointments in the CBD.

jill wright melbourne psychologist
Jill Wright
jeff roberts melbourne clinical psychologist
Jeff Roberts
rebecca carlson melbourne psychologist
Rebecca Carlson
giovanna lajbcygier clinical psychologists
Dr Giovanna Lajbcygier
kathryn williamson melbourne health psychologist
Kathryn Williamson
aisha seedat-timol melbourne psychologist
Aisha Seedat-Timol
joseph gagliano melbourne psychologist
Joseph Gagliano
geraldine lockley melbourne counsellor
Dr Geraldine Lockley
darryl hodgson melbourne psychologist
Darryl Hodgson
kate baxter melbourne psychologist
Kate Baxter
orly miller melbourne registered psychologist
Orly Miller
natalie-mai holmes melbourne clinical psychologist
Natalie-Mai Holmes
torrey orton melbourne psychologist
Torrey Orton
francesco poci registered psychologist
Francesco Poci
beatrix gardiner melbourne clinical psychologist
Beatrix (Trixie) Gardiner
richard weld-blundell melbourne psychologist
Richard Weld-Blundell
sarah branchflower melbourne psychologist
Sarah Branchflower
aaron allen melbourne clinical psychologist
Dr Aaron Allen
sarah mcmurtrie counselling psychologist
Sarah McMurtrie
ann-marie dimichiel hearn melbourne psychologist
Ann-Marie DiMichiel Hearn
nicole chavannes melbourne psychologist
Nicole Chavannes
jessica robinson registered psychologist
Jessica Robinson
david lococo psychologist melbourne
David Lococo
andrea larkins melbourne counsellor
Andrea Larkins
miriam grossbaum melbourne psychologist
Dr Miriam Grossbaum
jeraldine cooper melbourne psychologist
Jeraldine Cooper


(main practice)
2/50 Queen Street
Phone 03 9629 1001 for all locations
Reception Hours:
Mon - Thurs 8:30 am - 7 pm
Fri 8:30 am - 6 pm,  Sat 8:30 am - 1:30 pm