Wellbeing Workshops

Workshops to Supercharge Workplace Mental Health

Psychology Melbourne offers a variety of lunch time wellbeing workshops for businesses wanting to improve their team’s productivity, capability and wellbeing across a range of areas. Workshops are currently being held online via Zoom.

You can book and purchase a workshop directly from our SHOP and one of our team will call you back to arrange the time and further details.

Wellbeing workshops are available as an EAP add-on for our small and medium companies as well as a stand-alone service. Our wellbeing workshops offer a safe and confidential environment for management or staff to gain skills in managing mental health for themselves and their peers.

Wellbeing workshops

Whether you are looking for a one-hour or one-day workshop, we can tailor a program to meet your specific needs and audiences.

Our EAP psychologists are trained to present workshops that promote and maintain employee wellbeing, improve teamwork and optimise your productivity.

We can offer wellbeing workshops on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

Wellbeing lunchtime classes:

Our current wellbeing workshops

abcs of mental health

ABCs of Mental Health

Essential mental health awareness training for employees in all professional settings.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

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avoiding burnout

Avoiding Burnout

Gain an understanding about burnout and learn skills to avoid it and manage it.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

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better mental health workshop

Better Mental Health Workshop

An inspiring intro to the topic of mental health & the effective ways to maintain good mental health & deal with stress & challenges.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

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building good connections

Building Good Connections

Learn the most effective ways to maintain positive professional relationships and manage interpersonal conflict and disagreements.
Cost: $550 +GST for 1hr workshop

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coping with stress: building resilience

Coping with Stress: Building Resilience

Learn strategies and coping techniques to regain control over your life to better manage stress & anxiety.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

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customise your own workshop

Customise Your Own Workshop

Select your topic, tell us your end goal. We plan and deliver. Workshops run for: 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours.

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effective communication: be assertive, be heard & resolve conflict

Effective Communication: Be assertive, be heard & resolve conflict

Everyone experiences conflict but not everyone has the skills to resolve it effectively. This workshop will help get you there.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

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managing and developing team wellbeing

Managing and Developing Team Wellbeing

This workplace program explores strategies to develop positive workplace culture & interactive wellbeing conversations.
Cost: $1020 +GST

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managing working from home

Managing Working from Home

Explore the implications of working from home and ways to support mental health, work productivity and overall wellbeing
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

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mindful communication skills

Mindful Communication Skills

This workshop explores mindful communication, including mindful listening & speaking, to enhance relationship satisfaction and overall wellbeing.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

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the covid revolution

The COVID Revolution

This course is for managers and employers to learn skills to keep their employees engaged and supported while working from home.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

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the high-performance mindset

The High-Performance Mindset

Gain insights into the elite athlete mindset, overcoming adversity, navigating change & embracing the journey along the way.
Cost: $1020 +GST for 2hr workshop

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