Critical Incident Management

The sudden, overwhelming stress of traumatic events can produce harmful emotional and physical responses in the most level-headed individuals. Psychology Melbourne offers support for both companies and individuals who may be impacted. Our sensitive and understanding reception staff can happily guide you through unexpected critical incident support, making the process smooth and stress-free.

Benefits of Critical Incident Support

For Companies

Psychology Melbourne provides organisations with expert counselling to help staff deal with traumatic events, resolving issues that could lead to more lasting psychological and medical issues and potentially affect workplace performance. With the support of our Critical Incident Support and Trauma Service, your employees can quickly get back to normality after a traumatic period or event.

It is common for a victim of an emergency or disaster to feel alone and helpless. Our team at Psychology Melbourne is supportive and caring and offers practical coping strategies.

We provide support to employees who are moving through a difficult time, and to managers who need assistance in helping their workers get back on their feet. To speak with one of Psychology Melbourne’s client service representatives, please call (03) 9629 1001 or contact us through our contact web form.

For Individuals

After a traumatic event, a person’s mental wellbeing is paramount. At Psychology Melbourne, we offer compassionate, supportive advice and counselling to those who have gone through a traumatic event. We work with individuals, teams, couples and families to help them adjust to an event or period of trauma or stress. Call our client services team to organise a critical incident debrief or counselling on (03) 9629 1001.

Left without support, individuals involved in these incidents, and those who have assisted them, can experience profoundly disturbing reactions. While these feelings are normal, some people have difficulty moving on with their lives. Psychologists can help trauma victims find constructive ways of managing their emotions, enabling them to move forward in life. Click here for further details on PTSD Treatment.

Contact us

Our client services team is available to take your enquiries and assess if critical incident trauma support service is the best outcome for your business. Contact our client services team on
(03) 9629 1001, our Live Chat or send us an email via our contact form.