Testing & Assessment Packages

Psychology Melbourne's cost-effective testing and assessment packages help to clarify your issues and save you time and money.

When you purchase a package our reception will contact you to organise an appointment time.

adhd assessment package

ADHD Assessment Package

Includes ADHD assessment and report with 3 clinical consultations to assess cognitive functioning including memory, focus, concentration and distractibility.
Cost: $900

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adult iq package

Adult IQ Package

Includes a standardised intelligence test & three consultations with a testing psychologist to obtain an accurate profile of intellectual functioning
Cost: $900

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comprehensive mental health test

Comprehensive Mental Health Test

Includes a psychological test, 3 clinical consultations and a report to identify psychological issues and develop a treatment plan.
Cost: $700

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adult autism spectrum (asd) assessment package

Adult Autism Spectrum (ASD) Assessment Package

The aim of the assessment is to explore an individuals’ developmental profile 
Cost: $800

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behavioural test

Behavioural Test

Are you concerned about behaviours your child is exhibiting? Includes teacher/parent interviews, observation of child, assessments & recommendations.
Cost: $1035

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memory loss test

Memory Loss Test

Worried that your memory is not as good as it once was? This package includes 3 clinical consultations, a psychological test and interpretive report.
Cost: $700

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personality test package

Personality Test Package

This package identifies a range of personality disorders that might be affecting your cognitive and emotional states, motivations, attitudes, and relationships
Cost: $600

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child iq test

Child IQ Test

Have you ever thought your child might be gifted? Help your child reach their full potential. Packages includes 4 clinical consultations, test and report.
Cost: $1000

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