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Help for Anger in Melbourne

Understand your anger and learn how to manage it

Anger Management HelpWe have all experienced anger, somewhere along a spectrum that ranges from mild irritation to intense rage. 

Understanding what triggers feelings of rage and frustration and learning how to channel it appropriately can allow men to be assertive without getting a reputation for having a hair trigger. It can allow women to protect their rights and interests, without being regarded as strident or "hormonal".

Psychology Melbourne offers both individual counselling and affordable classes in anger management. Because men and women experience anger differently, we run separate classes for each sex. Our experienced psychologists can help you better understand your emotions, what triggers anger and how to deal with it. 

Your anger can kill you

While mild anger can sometimes serve a positive purpose – assertively reclaiming your place in that queue for instance – explosive outbursts of rage can cost us our reputation, our job, our relationships ... even our life.

In man’s primitive past, anger could be a life-saving reaction to physical threats, unleashing the aggressive behaviours which allowed us to defend ourselves from attack. These days you’re not likely to meet a sabre-toothed tiger in the supermarket car park. The fuse is likely to be lit, instead, by being stuck in traffic gridlock, being scapegoated by the boss from hell, or having someone step in front of you in a queue.

A study of thousands of heart attack patients found that those who recalled having flown into a rage during the previous year were more than twice as likely to have had their heart attack within two hours of that episode … and the more extreme the anger, the greater the risk.

Taking charge

Some people justify indiscriminate venting of anger as being preferable to “bottling it up”. In fact, “letting it rip” doesn’t diminish anger. It intensifies it. Almost inevitably it can lead to damaging verbal and physical encounters, anxiety, depression and alcohol or drug abuse. Never expressing anger can be equally unhelpful.

Learning how to manage anger starts with acknowledging its existence and understanding its causes. It allows you to develop a range of options for handling it, including communicating your feelings in a non-threatening manner.

Even people who have a lower tolerance for frustration as a result of genetic influences or an inheritance of family behaviour can learn how to recognise the triggers and change the way they think and react to them.

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