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ABCs of Mental Health 

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abcs of mental health

ABCs of Mental Health– Wellbeing Workshop 

Presented by Psychologist Troy Macris 

This 2-hour interactive workshop provides essential mental health information and strategies to assist employees to take a proactive approach to their mental health and assist others who may be experiencing a mental health issue at work and in their personal lives.

Topics covered 

You will gain the knowledge and skills to: 

Participants also receive take-home materials which summarise the main points from the workshop. 

We often think mental illness only affects a small number of people. But the truth is that 45% of Australian adults will experience a mental illness at some point in their life and one in five Australian adults will experience a mental illness in any given year. 

Anyone can develop a mental illness and no one is completely immune. Job stress can have a major impact on people’s mental health and is one of the leading causes of occupational disease and injury. 

All employers are legally required to provide a mentally healthy and safe workplace. Doing this not only protects workers from psychological harm and positively enhances their mental health, but it also makes good business sense. 

Research has found that every dollar spent on improving the mental health of workers yields close to a 500% return in improved productivity through increased work output and reduced sick leave. 

About the presenter: Psychologist Troy Macris

Psychologist Troy Macris

Troy is a registered psychologist with a passion for promoting positive mental health in the workplace. He completed his Masters of Psychology in 2004 and has over 20 years of experience working as mental health trainer, counsellor and coach in the public, private and not for profit sectors.

Troy has a special interest in delivering engaging and interactive workshops, which aim to increase people’s knowledge about mental health and how to stay mentally healthy.

His workshops cover a range of topics such as:

Troy believes it is essential to educate people about mental health as it will not only equip them with the tools to better cope with stress and enjoy fulfilling lives, but ultimately it will help reduce the likelihood of them developing mental health problems in the first place.


Wellbeing Workshops Frequently Asked Questions

About workshops

Are workshops held online or face to face?

Sessions can be held online for convenience or face to face if requested.

Who are the presenters?

All our presenters are experienced psychologists. See our corporate team.

Who are workshops for?

Workshops are for your team members and for management. Our workshops have been designed to help improve your team’s productivity, capability and wellbeing across a range of areas.

Can you tailor make workshops for us?

Yes we can!

How long do workshops run for?

Workshops can run for: 1hr, 1.5hrs and 2hrs. However, we are here to meet your needs and requirements.

Online access

What online systems do you use?

We like to use Zoom but are flexible.

Can I use Zoom on my mobile device?

Yes you can use mobile devices like phones and tablets and the full Zoom specifications can be viewed at: Prior to your course you can download the Zoom mobile app at:

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You can purchase your workshops online: or you can contact our Client Services Team on 

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We accept payments by VISA or MasterCard online or by phone on (03) 9629 1001.

Can I pay by EFT?

Yes, we can invoice the organisation. Payment is required in full 7 days prior to delivery of our services.

Is GST included in the price?

Unless otherwise stated, all fees are exclusive of GST.

Workshop cancellations

What if we need to reschedule or workshop?

Late cancellations (less than 48hrs notice) and no-shows will be charged at the full fee as per our cancellation policy.