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Challenging behaviours can be a normal part of development and testing of boundaries as children grow. However, if behaviours persist or are having a detrimental impact on wellbeing and day to day functioning, there may be some underlying difficulties that need to be addressed. In most cases, difficult or challenging behaviour is your child’s way of communicating an underlying need.

This assessment can help to determine what the underlying function of the behaviour is for your child and the factors that may be maintaining it. We are then able to provide a positive behaviour support plan to assist in making behavioural changes. This behavioural assessment package can also be invaluable in managing difficult behaviours in the context of Autism, ADHD, Developmental Delay or other learning and developmental difficulties.

What is included in the test?

How long does the test take?

The assessment takes place over 4 sessions, with a data collection period of 2-4 weeks. This allows a more complete picture of your child’s behaviour patterns across time and contexts. A report will be provided within 2 weeks of the final session.

Am I entitled to a rebate?

Medicare rebates may apply when a behaviour assessment is undertaken as part of a therapeutic treatment plan recommended by your child’s GP or Paediatrician. This is in the form of a Mental Health Care Plan. Total rebate across 4 sessions with a Clinical Psychologist is approximately $500. Assessment reports do not attract a Medicare rebate.

Alternatively, please contact your private health provider to see if you are eligible for a rebate.

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