Remote Control for Managers: Online Corporate Workshop


Remote Control for Managers: Online Corporate Workshop

Cost: $550 + GST
Duration: 40 minutes

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remote control for managers: online corporate workshop

The COVID-19 situation is unpredictable in terms of its duration and social and economic consequences for organisations and their employees.

Employees are looking to their managers for more reassurance during times of instability when working from their home.

Employee's may worry about their ability to meet management's expectations, which may lead to lowered mood and increased levels of anxiety and stress. Teams formerly consistent in meeting deadlines and turning in high-quality work may become less predictable.

However, this is not a time for the “tough love” approach. For most employees, social and pragmatic support and understanding are key ingredients to alleviating stress and adjusting work-life expectations.

Therefore, managers' skills and resilience in the new work environment are essential to the maintenance of good performance.

This 40-minute online session aims to assist managers to effectively:

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