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Where do you go for the truth?

Edited by Jill Wright,

where do you go for the truth?

Where do you go for the truth?  

Part way through the therapy hour, I might hear stomach gurgling. I’ll often ask if my client heard it too. “Oh yeah, I haven’t eaten today”, or “yeah, too many tacos”. Then I’ll playfully ask them to wonder what else it might be. “Yeah it's uncomfortable talking about all of this with you” - we hear a deeper truth when we’re sensitive to the ways our bodies communicate with us.

So we see that the body is very honest in communicating with us. Our bodies don’t deceive us like our minds do. Our mind uses deception as a means of helping us to feel more at ease, and it’s very effective. However, it’s not the full, honest picture.

So it’s very much a double edged sword. We distort the picture of ourselves, our feelings, and our world to help us accept some difficult things, but in doing so we remain stuck in the land of deception. You can’t move through a fake door.

My work is to help you find a way to get a bit closer to your real, internal truth so that you’re no longer stuck. And working with your body is way more efficient than just dealing with the mind.

Your body has the truth.


About the editor, Jill Wright

Jill Wright (MAPS, AAFT, AICD) is the Director and Principal Psychologist at Psychology Melbourne. Jill was twice elected General Director of the Australian Psychological Society and established the APS Victorian branch Study Group Network. Find out more about Jill Wright.