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Tips from a Life Coach

Edited by Jill Wright,

tips from a life coach

So what’s a life? Here’s some ideas that relate to coaching. Life is a learning event extending over years with regular stages, levels, domains and conditions for success. Career, family, social connection…all are normal domains of a life. Our chances of ‘success’ are very high in basic biological stages: baby, child, adolescent, adult, elderly…but put three or four aspects together at once and it can be overwhelming…
  • Are you doing work you want / like to do?

  • Doubt you can succeed?

  • Dangling in the transition from one career, family or social stage to another?

  • Have too many balls in the air at once – children, workplace conflict, losing touch with friends, health issues…?

  • All of the above at once?

 I specialise in dilemmas of development. In the end it goes back to the basics: learning to know and listen to your needs better, appreciating your small steps in the direction you want and bringing your family and colleagues along with you. Some of the skills and processes for engaging your futures may be:

  • Needs and Wants: a framework for self-exploration

  • Mood trigger tracking: learning a fine touch for behaviour change

  • Career builder: using your experience as a source of skills and interests

  • Creating shared agendas: the local, interpersonal politics of life

  • Power and Influence in Interviewing: reaching out into life

These can be applied in that order, or as comes up naturally in discussion. Wherever you start you are likely to travel all the pathways to some degree.


About the editor, Jill Wright

Jill Wright (MAPS, AAFT, AICD) is the Director and Principal Psychologist at Psychology Melbourne. Jill was twice elected General Director of the Australian Psychological Society and established the APS Victorian branch Study Group Network. Find out more about Jill Wright.