Redundancy Consultation

One of the hardest jobs in business - and in the current environment hundreds of employers are confronted with it - is making the decision to terminate an employee.

There may be little choice in the matter. It could be an economic necessity. It could be that the person involved is highly competent and performing well, but might simply be a poor fit with the company’s culture.

An employee who is suddenly placed on the employment market can suffer a good deal of stress and rapidly lose confidence. But those who have to deliver the bad news, and those who retain their jobs, can suffer guilt and other stress.

The way a company handles these events can be crucial to its future. If it is not seen to be acting with integrity, respect and concern, not just for the people who are leaving, but also to those who are staying on, its reputation, employee morale, productivity and ability to attract future recruits can suffer dramatically.

Psychology Melbourne has a number of experienced psychologists who are highly trained in helping companies and former employees manage the transition.

Outcomes of the Program

Many of the companies that have used our expert team tell us that they don't consider the expense a cost. They see it as an investment in the future.

Our team focuses on: