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Team assessments

The creation of functional and cohesive teams is one of the few remaining competitive advantages available to any organisation looking for a powerful point of differentiation.

The inter-personal dynamics of teams changes constantly, and sometimes the individuals in a team can struggle to work effectively to a common objective.

Team leaders should continually monitor and assess their teams on a number of criteria.

When should you consider a team assessment?

It might be time to consider a professional assessment if you are experiencing the following difficulties:

  • Unproductive behavior within a team
  • Clash of team leadership roles
  • Under-utilised skills in team members
  • Conflict within teams

How the services work

Our organisational psychologists assess individuals within teams and measure team effectiveness and dynamics. We tailor a program to deliver strategic recommendations which may include:

  • Team workshops to facilitate teamwork skills
  • Executive team-focused strategy development
  • Team conflict interventions
  • Setting and outlining of goals, team values and purpose

Program outcomes

Through the team-building program we look for the following outcomes:

  • Robust high-performing teams and individuals
  • Improvement of employee well-being and productivity
  • Enhanced strengths and values of team members
  • Individual development of communication and coping strategies

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