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Psychometric Testing Melbourne

Revealing insights that can be crucial

There would scarcely be anyone at any level of management who would argue with the proposition that people are the most important assets of any organisation. They can also be the source of significant problems.

People are complex. They can often be driven by unconscious motivations that might never become apparent. Formal qualifications are not necessarily a reliable measure. Valuable talents might remain hidden, potential clashes with management, other employees or an organisation's culture unknown.

The development and application of psychometric testing is regarded as one of the great achievements of psychologists in the last century, allowing comprehensive, high-quality assessment of people and their skills and personalities. It provides more accurate information about human behaviour than any other means of assessment.

A competitive advantage

The use of psychometric testing has grown substantially in recent years to identify specific abilities, personality traits; literacy and numeracy etc.

Psychology Melbourne has made a significant investment in building a portfolio of high-quality tests to assist organisations to learn more about their people and the work they do.

Our experienced psychologists can also provide input, support, and recommendations on the interpretation and utilisation of testing data.

What are some signs suggesting the need for psychometric testing?

When tests can help

A psychometric testing program may be needed when you are experiencing the following issues with your business and its employees;

  • High staff turnover
  • Low morale
  • Conflict and destructive politics
  • Negative culture
  • Poor communication
  • High absenteeism
  • Underperformance
  • Failure to meet goals

How the services work

Our highly experienced corporate psychologists work with management to tailor an effective testing program. Tests are then provided online for completion, and results are received and analysed by our psychologists.

Results and recommendations are reviewed with management, with options provided for on-going actions and support.

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