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Organisational Psychology

Because common perceptions about hiring and retaining staff and for that matter much of management strategy are mostly untrue, industrial and organisational psychology offers progressive organisations a significant strategic advantage in the competitive world of business. Our business psychologists have been highly trained in the disciplines of workplace science and the way people think, feel and act individually and as team members. Their insights can improve the bottom line. As one observer puts it "workplace science doesn't lick boots or tell management what people think it wants to hear".

Psychology Melbourne's team of highly experienced psychologists working in this area have contributed substantially to the performance of government, corporate and small-to-medium businesses in a variety of sectors by identifying and helping resolve issues that may be hindering productivity and growth.

It has helped management build human capital by developing and helping to implement strategies to improve employee engagement and retention and build a reputation as preferred employers.

How Psychology Melbourne can help your business with workplace psychology

Continually updated workplace research gives our organisational team a unique, evidence-based perspective on seemingly insoluble and in many cases unidentified problems that can beset management. Their skills can be applied in many areas, including:

  • Staff recruitment, selection and retention
  • Team-building
  • Training and development and mentoring
  • Change Management
  • Psychology-based dispute resolution
  • Assessment and testing

Their solutions can bring significant benefits for management and staff at every level.

There is overwhelming evidence that employee health, well-being and engagement are linked to performance and that management strategies that utilise this science make sound business sense.

Research by the British Business in the Community organisation found that  FTSE 100 companies that have robust arrangements for reporting on employee engagement and well-being outperform the rest of the index by 10 per cent, and some investment firms have begun using "human capital issues" as part of their investment decision-making.

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Corporate Psychologists

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"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."

—Helen Keller