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Judgement Index™ Assessment Packages

The Judgement Index™ assessment tool gives companies and organisations a unique opportunity to obtain crucial insights into the capabilities of staff members and potential recruits - things that don't show up in CVs and standard psychometric tests.

Judgement Index Assessment Tool Packages

Corporate Packages

Psychology Melbourne offers a range of Judgement Index™ packages to support CEOs, middle and senior managers, front-line managers, supervisors, HR managers, general managers, and employees.

Our Judgement Index™ packages can help organisations in critical areas such as:

  • Workforce selection; proper job fit
  • Reduction loss of key employees
  • Designing individual development plans
  • Leadership development
  • Personal wellness
  • Reduced conflict between staff
  • Resiliency
  • Promotion and succession planning


Leadership Coaching

JI Score Report & Personal Narrative (Blue Diamond)
Five Executive Coaching Sessions (1-hour sessions)


Executive Management Coaching

Leadership Qualities Test & Report
Three Coaching Sessions (1-hour sessions)


Getting Ahead Coaching

Leadership Qualities Test & Report
Two Coaching Sessions (1-hour sessions)

Packages can be tailored for groups.

Judgement Index™

The Judgement Index™ measures the quality of people's judgement in more than 70 areas.

The unique, scientifically validated Judgement Index™ measures an individual's judgement and decision-making capacities. The JI has helped overseas organisations save or make tens of millions of dollars, and it has just become available in Australia. Psychology Melbourne has the only accredited user on the eastern seaboard.

The ultimate success of an individual or organisation hinges on the strength of judgement applied to apparently trivial tactical decisions or large, global strategic decisions. Studies have shown that personality profiles on which conventional personnel assessment tools are based simply do not predict success. Interviews alone, whether structured or unstructured, are not highly reliable indicators of future job performance.

The Judgement Index™ is a predictive tool that can quickly and accurately measure the key ingredient in successful outcomes: the strength of judgement.

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