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Conflict resolution and mediation

Are you experiencing?

  • Tension between team members
  • Lack of cohesion within teams
  • Reduced team productivity

What is conflict resolution and mediation?

Conflict is often an integral part of a workplace environment. However, conflict can be either positive or negative.

Psychology Melbourne has a team of experienced psychologists who can diagnose the cause of team problems and work with individuals and groups to resolve issues and work better with each other. These interventions lead to more original ideas, better teamwork and increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

Some signs suggesting you might need this service:

  • Employees are dissatisfied at work
  • Bullying is occurring within teams
  • Negative feelings between team members

How the program works

Psychology Melbourne’s organisational psychologists can perform team assessments on-site at your workplace. Each employee is interviewed independently, and then a report with recommendations is formulated on the basis of the interview outcomes.

Recommendations may include team-building workshops, professional development or coaching.

Outcomes of the program

  • Identification of sources of conflict
  • Reduction or elimination of team conflict
  • Strategies for your organisation to use moving forward
  • Recommendations for further assistance

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