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Psychology Melbourne's team of skilled professionals can help business and government organisations improve the attitudes, effectiveness and productivity of managers and staff.

Our experienced business and corporate psychologists provide organisations with the tools to better understand, measure and solve internal issues; identify and retain talent and build high-performing teams.

Our innovative EAP packages allow organisations to support employees struggling with stress-related or other personal and family issues and our Critical Incident Response services can play a vital role in the handling of traumatic events.

Psychology Melbourne's business and corporate psychologists can develop and deliver highly-focused training programs that can improve skills and attitudes and lift gross profitability per employee.

Corporate Psychological Services

For employees suffering from issues that are causing difficulties in their personal or working lives, an Employee Assistance Package (EAP) can be a godsend. It allows them to have a limited number of confidential sessions with a qualified, registered psychologist.

Learn more about our Employee Assistance Package

Psychology Melbourne provides organisations with expert counselling to help staff deal with traumatic events, resolving issues that could lead to more lasting psychological and medical issues and potentially affect workplace performance.

Learn more about our critical incident/trauma service

Psychology Melbourne's team of highly experienced business psychologists have contributed substantially to the performance of government, corporate and small-to-medium businesses in a variety of sectors by identifying and helping resolve issues that may be hindering productivity and growth.

Learn more about our Business Psychology service

Psychology Melbourne’s team of expert organisational psychologists works with managers in small to medium enterprises and organisations to help them avoid and quickly resolve potentially disruptive staff problems.

Learn more about our Manager Assist service

Psychology Melbourne has a team of experienced psychologists who can diagnose the cause of team problems and work with individuals and groups to resolve issues and work better with each other. These interventions lead to more original ideas, better teamwork and increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

Learn more about our conflict resolution and mediation service

Psychology Melbourne’s unique Career Assistance Program uses assessment and counselling to help a client assess his or her unique interests, talents and values and develop strategies to achieve a richer, more satisfying future.

Learn more about our career assistance service

Mindfulness at work

Psychology Melbourne has a number of experienced psychologists who are highly trained in helping people who have found themselves out of a job.

Learn more about our redundancy and outplacement service

The Judgement Index™ assessment tool gives companies and organisations a unique opportunity to obtain crucial insights into the capabilities of staff members and potential recruits - things that don't show up in CVs and standard psychometric tests.

Learn more about our Judgement Index™ assessment packages

EAP Corporate Psychologist Melbourne

Psychology Organisational Development & Training

Our executive coaches have had hands-on experience in a variety of corporate roles and in some cases degrees in business administration as well as qualifications in psychology. They can help you reach higher levels in personal and professional performance.

Learn more about our executive coaching

The world of business is increasingly waking up to the fact that the ancient practices of meditation have a great deal to offer, beyond the reduction of stress. At the heart of our Mindfulness training is the recognition that "active noticing" is a key to more creative and effective management.

Learn more about our mindfulness training

When companies and organisations work with Psychology Melbourne’s organisational training and development specialists they develop essential time management and leadership skills, learning how to listen to team members effectively and reach organisation agreements that benefit everyone involved.

Learn more about our training and development programs

Our organisational psychologists assess individuals within teams and measure team effectiveness and dynamics. We tailor a program to deliver strategic recommendations.

Learn more about team assessment

We offer training sessions proving management and staff with practical skills that create a culture that leads to dignity and respect throughout the workplace, protecting it from costly consequences and allowing employees and the entire organisation to flourish.

Learn more about avoiding the costs of workplace bullying actions

Psychometric testing provides a comprehensive and high-quality assessment of people and their skills and personalities.

Learn more about our psychometric testing

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