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Will video counselling work for you? 5 advantages of video counselling

Edited by Jill Wright,

Do you want to see a psychologist but simply don't have the time in your busy schedule to sit in a waiting room?

You can now access expert psychological help when and where you need it through our secure video counselling service.

And just like face-to-face counselling, video counselling allows you to communicate and develop a therapeutic relationship with a psychologist, whilst maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

Here's five reasons why you should try video counselling

Video counselling is a convenient and flexible way to access expert counselling services and advice in real time. Moreover, video counselling has multiple benefits beyond those of face-to-face counselling.

1. Accessibility

It removes many of the normal barriers to attending regular therapy (i.e. travel time and costs, work commitments, location, availability of services, etc.) and subsequently allows you to attend more regularly and achieve better outcomes.

2. Flexibility and convenience

You can be more flexible in both the times and spaces you can access professional care. 

3. Stigma and anonymity

You don't have to worry about any potential stigma or discomfort in attending a clinic setting or seeing someone you know, ensuring complete confidentiality.

4. Comfort

You can feel more comfortable in a familiar environment, and rapport can be easily established. The online medium can also break down some of the anxiety or doubts you may experience about attending in person.

5. Variance of delivery

Online counselling allows you to boost your between-session success with resources and information sent to your email, reminder texts, and guidance on how to make the most of recommended applications and other technologies.

If you have been considering seeing a psychologist, but the barriers to attending face-to-face services are getting in the way, online counselling may be the solution for you.

For more information

Visit our Psychology on Demand webpage, or contact us on 03 9629 1001 to find out more about our secure video counselling service.


About the editor, Jill Wright

Jill Wright (MAPS, AAFT, AICD) is the Director and Principal Psychologist at Psychology Melbourne. Jill was twice elected General Director of the Australian Psychological Society and established the APS Victorian branch Study Group Network. Find out more about Jill Wright.