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Learning how to write down the past - and change the future

Edited by Jill Wright,

One of the most powerful classes on Psychology Melbourne's psycho-educational "curriculum" begins this week, offering women the hope of creating a new future by learning how to write down the past.

"Writing Your Life: a workshop for women" is a three-week workshop (Thursday evenings 6pm to 7.30pm) led by Dr Miriam Grossbaum. Miriam gained her doctorate in counselling psychology while working part time as a teacher ... and raising a young family.

She has a particular interest in the Life Story Model of Identity which she employed in her research for her thesis.

Participants will discover the extent to which stories shape lives. As they explore the way that these have played out in their relationships and circumstances, they will become more conscious of patterns that they might want to change - a process that often facilitates the conscious creation of new patterns, and a more satisfying future.

Participating in these activities has brought profound change to many lives.

The full fee for the workshop is $160, but a Medicare rebate is available with a referral from a GP, which brings the total cost for all three sessions down to only $100. Please contact us if you are interested.


About the editor, Jill Wright

Jill Wright (MAPS, AAFT, AICD) is the Director and Principal Psychologist at Psychology Melbourne. Jill was twice elected General Director of the Australian Psychological Society and established the APS Victorian branch Study Group Network. Find out more about Jill Wright.