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How are you impacting your business in 2017?

By Gavin Sharp,

In 2016 it was the year of the underdog (think the Western Bulldogs, Cronulla Sharks, Chicago Cubs, Leicester City and even Donald Trump). We have learnt to expect the unexpected. 

In your business, you can be certain that nothing goes according to plan, no matter how careful you are and how much you prepare. You can’t rely on the status quo continuing … and you certainly can’t bank on fortune always smiling on the underdog.

For instance, suppose you have been someone who has always had good ideas. You might find now that others do not believe this is the case. To the contrary, your views are now seen as problematic or in opposition to those others have. Instead of being seen as one with “popular” views, the business seeks different inputs. 

How do you understand where your thoughts or ideas lie and how do you exercise the required degree of influence in your business? 

How do you work with a business situation that is now not as predictable as it once was?

At Psychology Melbourne we specialise in coaching which focuses on influencing skills, articulating your position and managing (across and up). Those skills can be invaluable for dealing with the unpredictable.


About the author, Gavin Sharp

Gavin is a corporate psychologist and has over 15 years experience as an organisational consultant psychologist. Learn more about Gavin Sharp.