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When was the last time you wrote down your Dreams? Many of us are working towards fulfilling the common Dream of a career, or perhaps house and children and so we work full time to pay the mortgage, but in the process, have we pushed aside and forgotten all our other Dreams? Dreaming is essential to a “life worth living” and “The Dreaming” needs to be reawakened if we are to truly live.

The Aboriginal dreamtime was a space of great creation and the stories of the dreamtime gave identity and purpose for the peoples defining whole cultures. In the same way our dreams define us, giving rise to our sense of self, our purpose in life as our belief in our dreams encourage others around us. Dreams fuel our self esteem as we work hard towards something that matters, something that gives us hope for better days and a better us.

But we have to take a risk to Dream. We have to risk wanting – wanting something we may not be brave enough or skilled enough to get for all our trying. We have to be strong – to bear the failures and rejections that come with fighting for a dream, and one has to adapt, to bend with the winds that bring fortune our way.

So what are - or were -your dreams? Get a pen and write them down. It’s not too late. Whether it is a sport you wanted to participate in, a dance style you wanted to master or a country you wanted to see, no dream is too big or too small. Here is a list of six different areas you can dream about: relationship, career, family, health, friends, money and hobbies.

You may need professional help with actualizing your dreams: setting goals, planning for obstacles, identifying resources for tough times and diarising the steps of your goals from A-Z to make your path not too overwhelming (like many unfinished projects). This can help you focus on the priorities and make sure you don’t lose your way or get distracted from your most important task of all – living your DREAM.