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Quit Smoking Now

quit smoking now

The physical affects of smoking are obvious.  Various cancers and damage to the arteries, eyes, lungs and mouth. Some of the poisons contained in tobacco smoke include nicotine (the addictive chemical), tar (same as on the road), ammonia (used in toilet cleaner), toluene (found in paint thinner), among many others.  And it doesn't end there.  Bad breath, smelly hair and clothing, increase in blood pressure, planning your life around smoke breaks...scary stuff!

On the flip side, smoking must have some benefits too...otherwise you wouldn't do it! It is really important to understand both the good and bad  aspects of smoking when preparing a plan to quit.  What are you getting from smoking?

The good news is, the body starts to repair itself as soon as you've had your last cigarette.  Nicotine is a fast acting chemical and almost all of it leaves the body within 12 hours, depending how many cigarettes your smoke a day.  Your immune system begins to recover after a month and after 12 months and your risk of dying from heart disease is half that of a continuing smoker.

However making the all important decision to quit smoking, involves complex cognitive and emotional decisions.

Psychology Melbourne is running a 2-session class on helping you to make a potentially life saving decision to quit smoking.  We will give you insights into what might be blocking your motivation and provide behavioural strategies to try out.

It can take several attempts to quit permanently.  Come along for some information and support on breaking your habit.