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How to keep on track during the marriage equality debate and survey

how to keep on track during the marriage equality debate and survey

If you are part of the dynamic and diverse LGBTI community you may well be really tuned into being resilient. For others in the LGBTI this may not be the case. Regardless of age, the current very public current debate and survey on marriage equality and seeking acceptance of same-sex marriage has opened many past experiences and emotions connected with low self-esteem and negativity as well as levels of uncertainty and future social and emotional challenges.

It has also placed the LGBTI community in the centre of other psycho-social and emotional issues that are often difficult and controversial. All of this may be more of the same for older LGBTI members and re-open emotional rollercoasters and for younger members, it may well be new but very disturbing and hurtful, bring self into question and doubt.

LGBTI community organisations, as well as the broader community organisation, have been very proactive in providing support (online material, phone support and counselling) to assist LGBTI members struggling with the impact of the marriage equality debate and survey.

ACON has produced a wonderful 10 point guide to help you through any distress and anger and being strong and resilient. Check out ACON (Aids Council of NSW) and QLife (phone counselling and support for LGBTI 1800 184 527), ACON provide practical tips to assist people to stay social, use self-care and timeout and even logging off social media (can be great but also very distressing and negative and divisive). VAC (Victorian Aids Council) also provide extensive counselling services for the LGBTI community.

(Prepared by Warrick Arblaster, Counselling Psychologist who is openly gay, and a strong member of the LGBTI community and a champion of building resilience and confidence and staying strong).