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Critical Incidents

critical incidents

Critical incidents are scenarios which are unforeseen and surprising. The sudden and overwhelming stress of traumatic events can produce harmful emotional and physical responses in the most level-headed employees.

The purpose of these interventions is to provide a rapid solution. Attending a critical incident as soon as possible is crucial to address any fears or worries, quickly before they escalate and become overwhelming. Critical incident or PTSD Treatment can be done individually, a couple of people or in groups. It's important to create a safe environment during this time, to ensure that everyone feels comfortable to voice their concerns.

After an incident such as this, a person’s mental health and wellbeing can be just as important as physical health. Feeling that you have been listened to and supported after a traumatic event can reduce the likelihood of the person feeling alone or helpless. A psychologist can help to give coping strategies after the event and can advise if further support is something to consider. This support means employees can quickly get back to normality after the trauma.

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