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ABC opens windows on mental health

Edited by Jill Wright,

I wrote earlier about my enthusiasm for the ABC's Mental As initiative, but I continue to be amazed by the depth of the conversation that it has helped to stimulate ... and struggling ever so slightly to keep track of it all.

Last night's offerings included a Q&A program (which produced a stark, unintended illustration of political discomfort with some of the issues). There's a list of questions and Facebook responses here. And on ABC 2, comedian Felicity Ward's Mental Mission documented her experience with anxiety and panic attacks, and undertook a mission to get 3000 posts on Mental Health Australia's promise wall. You might like to catch up with these programs on iView.

Mental As has its own Twitter hashtag, so you can track what is becoming an extraordinary exploration of mental health issues.

It isn't just happening on TV. The ABC also devoted its most recent White Paper to articles that explore mental health and the brain.

On Sunday, Radio National's All in the Mind examined the latest intensive research into schizophrenia.

Radio National also has a series of brief audio pieces on seven mentally healthy habits:

  • Todd Sampson on the benefits of mindfulness
  • Kane Tremills on young people and mental health (with a couple of tips for parents)
  • Shane Jacobson on the importance of sleep
  • Deb Mailman on to talk or not to talk
  • Lindsay McDougall on lifting your mood with music
  • Eleanor Hall on overcoming depression with exercise
  • Sophie Scott on diet and mental health

It also has some other offerings. In August, for instance, on Future Tense, Antony Funnell looked at the future of psychiatry and examined the split within psychiatry on the effectiveness on the medical model governing mental health treatment and whether the DSM diagnostic manual should be ditched.

In September, in the Health Report, Dr Norman Swan looked at anxiety, declaring it "under-rated, under-diagnosed, under-treated and under the radar".

On The Drum, ABC News 24 producer Marianne Bradley writes about her experience of having "a busted brain" - depression - how she hid it and how she got help for it.

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