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Personal matching

The key to a successful therapeutic relationship

The match between you and your therapist is the most critical factor for successful counselling: more important than the treatment plan, the professional technique used or whether the psychologist is a clinical, counselling or any other type of psychologist.

Time and again, academic research around the world has shown that the strength of this therapeutic relationship is vital, and Psychology Melbourne has made significant investments in training psychologists to understand, respect and enhance this vital alliance. Many practices leave this largely to chance. When problems arise, they can too often be blamed on the client and dubbed "treatment resistance".

Psychology Melbourne takes a different approach. We offer our clients a personal matching session, in which one of our specially trained psychologists helps you to explore your needs and issues and choose which member of our team is the most appropriate for you. 

A mismatch between psychologist and client can lead to a client having to begin the process all over again, at significant expense, and can even sabotage the chances of successful therapy.

Our research shows that clients who have a matching session at the beginning of their counselling are far more likely to fit well with their psychologist and achieve their goals. 

Constant care

We also support our clients by optimising therapy with affordable classes and information on free or cheap apps and online resources. 

While problems are rare, if for any reason a client isn't satisfied, we move quickly to resolve the issue, if necessary even re-matching with another psychologist at our expense. The fact that our clients report a consistently high level of satisfaction with their treatment indicates that our approach works.

Book an initial intake session now and establish a solid foundation for change. 

Our specially-trained matching psychologists will help you explore your needs and issues and recommend one of our team of experienced psychologists to ensure the best possible outcome.

They will take into account many factors, including availability and special expertise, as well as your particular personality and that of the psychologist, increasing the chance that you will ‘click’. 

What happens at the initial intake session

During your initial discussion, your intake psychologist will:

  • Explain how counselling works and answer your questions
  • Show you how educational classes can save you money and improve results
  • Help you set realistic and achievable goals
  • Explain how Medicare rebates can help reduce your expenses
  • Guide you through to your matched psychologist for ongoing counselling

Matching sessions are available at our CBD office, Monday – Saturday, including after-hours.

For more information or to make an appointment contact us on our Live Chat or phone (03) 9629 1001 or send us an email via our contact form.

Medicare Rebate for Psychologist Counselling


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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

—Albert Einstein

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