Face-to-Face Counselling

The Victorian State Government has introduced Stage 4 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne effective from midnight 5th August, for an estimated 6-week period. In compliance with this, our office will be closed during this period.

During this time, we will continue to be available via phone and secure online video, as we have been over the past 4 months, but we are not permitted to have Face-to-Face contact in anything but extreme circumstances.

During the pandemic, Psychology Melbourne has continued to offer a limited number of Face-to-Face sessions in the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

We understand that some people may want only Face-to-Face sessions, while others may prefer a mix of Face-to-Face and online sessions.

We have developed special expertise in online counselling, but sometimes user’s technical issues, limited access to communications infrastructure and unreliable bandwidth connections can make online sessions too difficult. Some of our clients, especially older people, prefer Face-to-Face sessions.

Face-to-Face Precautions

We have strict precautions in place at all our location for the safety of our clients during the COVID pandemic.

We ask you to protect your self and others around you by being aware of the health authority advice and taking appropriate precautions. We are strictly observing advice provided by our local health authority to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Where can I do Face-To-Face Counselling?

We currently have several locations available where you can attend face-to-face counselling. These may vary according to the state of the pandemic.

For further information, please contact our Reception team on 03 9629 1001 or at cbd@psychologymelbourne.com.au

What can we help with?

We have a large team of psychologists who work online with a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression and relationship problems. You can even do couples counselling online with each partner in different locations.


Fees & rebates

Fees for face-to-face counselling are slightly higher than for online and phone counselling. They are paid by credit card before the session to secure your appointment. Half or full consultations are available for individuals, couples and families.

You can claim Medicare rebates for up to ten (10) face-to-face counselling sessions in a calendar year if you have a Mental Health Care Plan. Check with our reception if you are eligible on (03) 9629 1001.

The Federal Government will also provide an extra ten (10) counselling session rebates (to a maximum of 20) during the pandemic for Victorians until March 31, 2021.

Clients will be required to:

Once approved, you will be able to continue to access treatment even if public health orders are lifted. 

For those with a Mental Health Plan our fees are as follows:

Type of PsycholgistConsultationFeeRebate
Registered Psychologist20+ minutes$105.00$62.00
50+ minutes$200.00$87.45
Endorsed Psychologist20+ minutes$110.00$62.00
50+ minutes$210.00$87.45
Clinical Psychologist20+ minutes$120.00$87.45
50+ minutes$230.00$128.40

Other rebates available

Fully funded employee assistant consultations (EAP) are immediately available for employees of companies with a Psychology Melbourne EAP program. Check if your company has a program with us and if they don’t, you can refer them to our Accounts Manager, Lauren Parkinson at Lauren@psychologymelbourne.com.au

Other medical insurers are offering rebates for phone counselling such as Private Health insurance, WorkCover, TAC and others shown below.

If you have specific questions about insurance, please get in touch with our reception team on 03 9629 1001 or at clientservices@psychologymelbourne.com.au

Call our reception today on 03 9629 1001 for further information or email us at clientservices@psychologymelbourne.com.au