Counselling for Infants and Pre-Schoolers

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"If you never change your mind, why have one?"

—Edward de Bono

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The early years present a wonderful opportunity to build a positive template that shapes future social and emotional development. We can help shed some light on a range of concerns or challenges that you and your child may be facing.

Types of concerns

During the toddler years, brain development occurs at a rapid rate. An child's early experiences and relationships with their caregivers form a neurological template for how children view the world. This presents an outstanding opportunity to build a positive template that impacts future social and emotional development.

Adjusting to parenting and the early years can be a very challenging time for parents. There is a multitude of information and advice about what you should be doing and feeling, and how your child should be behaving and developing. This can understandably be confusing and at times overwhelming. Whilst variance in parenting experience and child development is normal, if you do have concerns about how you are coping or your child’s development it is best to seek support early. We are well equipped to support you through exploring your concerns further and finding a approach that works best for you.

We help infants and their parents with a range of concerns, including:

Our approach

We take a collaborative, sensitive and non-judgmental approach to supporting you and your family, and draw on the most relevant framework to address your concerns, including:

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