Secure, convenient phone and video counselling

Time saving and private

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety or depression but somehow can't seem to find the time to identify a good therapist or make the trek to and from their office, with all the difficulties of finding a parking spot and running the gauntlet with a ticking meter?

Are you having relationship problems or difficulties at work but you don't want to run the risk of meeting someone you know in a psychologist's waiting room?

Modern technology could have the solution for you, in the form of secure phone and video counselling.

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As effective as traditional counselling sessions

Psychology Melbourne is a recognised specialist in this form of counselling, and we have been engaged by a major national health fund to run one of their remote programs. Research shows that in expert hands, phone and video counselling is just as effective as face-to-face sessions.

Encrypted and secure at your home, at your work or even in your car

With our secure online counselling using stronger encryption standards than consumer video conferencing applications like Skype, you can solve your difficulties without having to leave your home, your car or your private office. Some of our clients even maintain regular sessions with our psychologists using their iPads or smartphones while working or touring overseas.

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