Psychology Short Courses

Upcoming Short Courses

Our Psychology short courses are small groups for up to 10 people run by experienced presenters who are all registered psychologists. The courses run for 1-hour per week, over three weeks and include tests, handouts of helpful information, fun exercises and homework. Courses are currently being held online.

managing stress and anxiety

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Times of particular adversity or hardship require more than out normal coping skills for stress and anxiety.
Dates: 6-7 pm, Nov 9, 16 & 23

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anger management- taming the tiger

Anger Management- Taming the Tiger

Are you losing your temper too often? Is it affecting your relationships? Join our anger management course and improve your well-being.
Dates: 6-7 pm, Nov 10 & 24 & Dec 1

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better sleep

Better Sleep

Learn to eliminate bad habits and replace them with sleep enhancing behaviours.
Dates: 5:30pm - 6:30pm,
Nov 11 & 12

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mindfulness - from limbic to loving

Mindfulness - From Limbic to Loving

This 3-part experiential course offers the opportunity to learn and practise mindfulness skills to enhance emotional wellbeing.
Dates: 6-7 pm, Nov 26 & Dec 3 & 10

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mindfulness – emotional experiencing

Mindfulness – Emotional Experiencing

This 45-min workshop will explore the evolutionary purpose and function of emotions, and how to be with feelings.
Date: 6pm - 6:45pm, Dec 2

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on relationships

On Relationships

This 3-part workshop explores the hidden aspects of adult relationships and how childhood attachment styles play a significant role.
Dates: 6-7pm, Dec 8, 15, 22

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Other Short Courses

We offer a variety of Psychology short course throughout the year. Contact us for more details.