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The ‘match’ between you and your psychologist is the most critical factor for successful counselling—more important than the therapeutic approach or whether the psychologist is a clinical, counselling or any other type of psychologist.

We recommend therefore that your first session should be a personal matching session, in which one of our specially trained psychologists will talk to you about your issues and select a psychologist who is the best fit for you and your issues.

Our Matching Session Psychologists

Melbourne Psychologist Jill Wright

Jill Wright

Tues, Fri appointments

Melbourne Psychologist Darryl Hodgson

Darryl Hodgson

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu appointments

Melbourne Psychologist Rebecca Carlson

Rebecca Carlson

Matching Intake

Kate Baxter Melbourne Psychologist

Kate Baxter

Tues, Wed, Thur appointments

Melbourne Counselling Psychologist Warrick Arblaster

Warrick Arblaster

Saturday appointments


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