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Jill Wright,  Psychologist

Melbourne Psychologist Jill Wright Member Australian Psychological Society

Jill Wright is the founder and director of Psychology Melbourne. She is a highly experienced psychologist and family therapist, and has a wealth of clinical and practical knowledge and a common-sense approach.

Jill works with clients dealing with issues related to marriage, relationship and family problems as well as anxiety and depression, grief and loss and the general range of life and workplace issues.

She sees her goal as assisting people to understand themselves more fully so they can reach their potential and improve their relationships and communications in their personal and working lives. Jill trained in Australia and the US and holds degrees in psychology, philosophy and politics. For many years she has supervised professional development programs for the Australian Psychological Society.

Jill has been happily married for 29 years, is the mother of three adult children and has four grandchildren.


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"Anxiety is the attempt to control what cannot be controlled."