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How caring companies profit from Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

For employees suffering from issues that are causing difficulties in their personal or working lives, an Employee Assistance Program can be a godsend. They can also have substantial benefits for business. A recent survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers estimated that undiagnosed mental health problems were costing Australian employers $12 billion per year. For every dollar spent on achieving a mentally healthy workplace, PWC calculated a return of $2.30. 

Because Psychology Melbourne has developed innovative, cost-effective packages to reduce the cost of EAP, employers can cap their expenditure while enjoying lower-than-normal session fees.

Psychology Melbourne extends the usefulness of EAP by providing low-cost classes that can give employees a powerful toolbox of skills and strategies that can dramatically improve relations at work and at home.

Psychology Melbourne also offers optional, secure tele-counselling facilities that can be accessed from the workplace or after hours from home, to avoid lost time. Research into the outcomes of tele-counselling has indicated high levels of success and client satisfaction. 

How EAP programs work

Under an Employee Assistance Program, the employer provides the funding that allows employees to have a limited number of confidential sessions, booked directly with a registered psychologist. An EAP isn't confined solely to work-related conditions. An employee can get help for any problem that is causing them stress.

Companies and organisations that support their staff (and in many cases their immediate families) with an EAP reap significant gains.

Studies indicate that an effective EAP program motivates employees to take responsibility for their well-being, preventing "spillover"of domestic tensions affecting employee health and workplace outcomes. 

Even more importantly, Psychology Melbourne's quarterly reports can identify "hot spots" that could trigger potentially costly problems for the business.

The benefits of an effective EAP program include:

  • Increased performance and productivity

  • Reduced absenteeism, conflict and occupational stress

  • Improved staff morale, employee retention and recruitment

  • Reduced worker's compensation and other costs

When you offer your staff the services of Psychology Melbourne’s EAP team, you know they will see well-seasoned psychologists. We do not use trainees, and our psychologists have years of solid experience in practice.

Your employees can make appointments directly with Psychology Melbourne, on a voluntary self-referral basis. We manage the number of sessions with a pre-negotiated cap.

Appointments are available across our 10 locations in the CBD and suburbs. We offer after-hours and Saturday sessions in addition to normal office hours.

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